Improve your multilingual business email writing

An augmented writing tool designed to improve the composition of multilingual, culturally-sensitive, context-appropriate professional emails

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About LangPower

Your natural writing style, powered by Artificial Intelligence

In a world where successful cross-cultural communication is key, we need a model that goes beyond translation, empowering the writer with the total range of possible language nuances. Whether you are writing to an old-time colleague or to a newfound client, you will be able to compose your email with the same effectiveness and confidence of a native professional.



Confident, prompt, and effective multilingual communication



Integrated lexical training enables you to fine-tune your communication skills



Total access to a wide range of culturally-sensitive, context-appropriate expressions

Composing a message with LangPower
LP as empowerment

Beyond Translation

Thanks to smart suggestions you will be able to compose multilingual messages almost autonomously, as well as to convey subtle cultural nuances. All this while being supported by a team of professional linguists. A real linguistic empowerment for your writing.

How it works

An all-around support for your writing

Real-time translations


Compose messages faster thanks to AI-powered suggestions and on-demand translations

Effective communication


Successful multilingual and cross-cultural communication based on effective linguistic patterns

On-the-job training


Multilingual adaptive microlearning seamlessly integrated in your workflow

LangPower user interface for email writing
  • Enhanced communication

    Enhanced communication

  • Smart suggestions

    Smart suggestions

  • Levels of formality

    Levels of formality

  • Adaptive microlearning

    Adaptive microlearning

  • Augmented writing

    Augmented writing

  • Human-refined translation

    Human-refined translation

  • Cross-cultural transcreation

    Cross-cultural transcreation

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